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''Someone asked why release this as a collectors item? and I said to them, the Direct Drive ep marked change in my life when I spent time and money creating and producing this project in 1988 to find my efforts killed by fire! All that was left was a few copys and memories of a crowded dance floor when I played it in 1988 and how what would have been....wasn't! So,for those who reconize this classic event by wanting to preserve my work I offer this chance to do this by even including my first recording ''Computer Music'' created in1985 making this truly a rare piece after the 22 gray copys & the 118 black labels are gone no more pressings will be done'' - Erik Travis. There are not many Holy Grails left in Techno, but this is one of them. A true piece of Detroit Electro/Techno history featuring the coveted ''Programming''. We got our hands on a few white label copies and because of its rarity we can only sell 2 copies per customer.

12inch P.C. Records: AR8076 (white label) remind