Da Sampla

West Side Sessions

Da Sampla - West Side Sessions

A wonderful project new/old by Detroit Techno Legend Anthony Shakir on kyle Hall's label, featuring remastered tracks from the rare Shake out of print 12inch M3 Sessions originally released by the, now defunct, legendary Detroit record shop Record Time. Fortunately Wild Oats Label head Kyle Hall, and Detroit Legend Shake have now gotten together for the new full release of the record which also contains unreleased material from that very same DAT Tape. Lastly for the Vinyl Fanatics, On the 7inch there are 2 secret little Locked grooves GJ LKD and FRCTBEAT 6LKD making for both a fun and Functional DJ tool. Purchasing TWO double packs is recommended to get proper use of these records! Limited two tone colour vinyl (one twelve inch and one seven inch) hand printed stamped & signed artwork.

12inch + 7inch Wild Oats: WOSH8K remind