Automatic Tasty

Fieldwork EP

Automatic Tasty - Fieldwork EP

To celebrate the 10th release on Lunar Disko Records, we will also be releasing a 10'' from that boy Automatic Tasty. LDR 10.10 is a conceptual 4 track EP named Fieldwork. Automatic Tasty tells a tale through his machines of a lonely Wicklow field from dawn till dusk....Throughout this 4 tracker, Automatic Tasty succeeds in creating an ethereal soundscape that allows the listeners imagination to run wild. Starting with the bright and cheerful 'Field in the Morning', the mood swiftly changes upbeat in 'Field in the Afternoon'. The winding down of 'Field in the Evening' tells us dusk has arrived, while the mysterious acid-tinged 'Field by Night' marks the end of another day for both the field and the listener...

12inch Lunar Disko Records: LDR010.10 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L