Andy Ash

Get Loose

Andy Ash - Get Loose

We say... check the 2 b-side tracks, the label says: Marcos Cabral and Jacques Renault’s latest On the Prowl 12 features the return of Andy Ash, the man who dropped Another World with them last year (OTP007) as well as a grab of edits on OTP Party Breaks way back in 2010. As is to be expected with the talented, young producer, the EP is all groovy, bouncy, high-octane house with a hardy injection of disco glitz. Get Loose is what its name implies―an elastic, fidgety whirl of dancey guitar strums; a heavy bass that pans in and out, mimicking the experience of opening the door to an underground club; and a playful keyboard melody. Love Me Straight is a spacier affair, with a lounge-y pulse and hypnotic synth hook that creeps in, out, and around your ears. The Deep Space Orchestra remix amps up the bass of the original, making the entire track sound like it’s being played under water. And You Show Me is a perfect example of Ash’s trademarks all coalescing into one big pile of shuffling dance floor fun―you can almost see the swirling disco ball lights through your eyelids and feel the smoke machine juice snake into your nostrils.

12inch On The Prowl: OTP013 € 8,99