Afefe Iku

The Blues

Afefe Iku - The Blues

Yoruba Records proudly present the return of Afefe Iku. Returning after a four year hiatus with is his first release since his 2008 debut album and smash hit Mirror Dance, here we have a four song EP entitled 'The Blues'. With his eclectic force and sound, Afefe brings us another chapter in his developing story. 'The Blues' gives us the dark edge of deeper techno, whereas 'The Arsonist' is an in your face mid tempo head banger featuring Osunlade on vocals. 'Dakountdown' and 'Jungle Beats' stand alone in style and approach as a throwback to the days when house was simply just house, without the multitude of today's dance genres. Yoruba pray that you embrace the next wave of sound from the mind of the man who brought you the classic 'Artifacts Of Pottery Vessels'.

10inch Yoruba: YSD043 remind