Eva Mendes ep

Mosca - Eva Mendes ep

The next release on Hypercolour is a rather large one that has been pursued for a while: an EP from multi-genre explorer, 3024/Numbers alumni and all round badman Tom Reid aka Mosca. Across four tracks and one digital bonus, the pioneering producer offers up his own unique view of house music. Somewhat appropriating his game to fit with the utterly modern club vibes of Hypercolour, opening track ‘Eva Mendes’ is a bouncy house track through and through. It’s a fulsome, cantering arrangement peppered with typically well designed hits, a subtle breakdown and plenty of neon colour come the second half… classy floor filling business, to be sure. Next track ‘Accidentally’ has legendary house vocalist Robert Owens contributing a sometimes dark, sometimes more sensuous spoken word monologue to Mosca’s glitchy, warehouse styled beats and bubbling, scattered synth work: it’s muscular in make up but human in spirit and you also get a voiceless dub version on the digi release. On the flip is ‘Murderous’ (and a dub version) which, again, is loosely house music, but the colours, deft synth work and effervescent spirit bare all the hallmarks of the freshest bass music, too. Again keeping things nice and heartfelt is a neo soul vocal from one of the day’s contemporary stars, with the whole thing sounding utterly on-point and forward facing as is often the way when it comes to both Hypercolour, and their latest recruit Mosca.

12inch Hypercolour: Hype025 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L