Kevin McPhee

Boris Ep

Kevin McPhee - Boris Ep

''The mechanical funk of 'CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN' opens the EP, it's gnarly synth scratches go back and forth like a saw over the industrial clang, it's sparse vocal the only sign of soul over this metallic techno winner. Trevino, AKA Marcus Intalex, has been rolling out some great music of late for Craig Richard's The Nothing Special, Apple Pips and Martyn's 3024, so it's a real coup to get him on the remix for 'CC-XXX-YY-NNNNN'. Adding some ghostly pads and grappling with the vox, Trevino goes one deeper on the bassline whilst making the machines dance with plenty of hats and Detroit-esque bleeps, slapping on some nice melodic touches. On the flip, McPhee's 'Branch' is a more minimal take on this industrial funk, a nagging horn stab rips all over a nominal bass and beats combo, the swing of the shakers locking down the solid groove here as percussion and claps tap away. Closing track 'DD-YYY-ZZ-OOOOO' is a great slab of darkroom techno, the spring reverb slapping the percussion around the chops as a taught string and stabs keeps things building over its eight minutes.''

12inch Hypercolour: Hype038 € 8,99