Citizen Funk / Roger 23


Citizen Funk / Roger 23 - Gefahr!

The title-track, “Gefahr!”, handsomely cut out from slices of a well-known source in music history, presents citizen funk at their best: high prolific and state of the art arrangement, sophisticated reverb handling and a never ending story of deep and dirty beat-funkyness form the steady-shuffling ingredients of this eight minute future-house monster. Taking the stairways right down to the basement for the second track “Bing Bang Bong”, the dynamic duo digs deep in the crates of timeless Korg-patterns and irresistible melodies to create a moody piece of highly danceable and heart-filling house-dopeness dedicated to the early hours of any open-minded dancefloor. The remix comes from no other than the don of dub-influenced House- and Techno Music: Roger 23. With all his passion and experience, he transforms the original into the lightly floating and by the same time heavily bouncing Killerdub we all canʼt get enough from!

12inch Big Bait Records: Bigbait010 remind