The Hustle

Slowburn - The Hustle

Limited to 300 copies. Available only on vinyl For the fourth ep on Austere, Ireland’s Slowburn are welcomed into the fold. Having impressed us with releases on Uzuri and Elektrosouls this ep will not disappoint fans of the label To kick things off we have the “The Hustle” which sounds like something that Prescription forgot to release back in the day! Next up is “Broken Document” which delivers lovely warm analogue chords and pads interlaced with an 808 groove. The b-side starts off with “Do It” using various samples to great effect to culminate in a unique deep house sound. Finishing things off in much the same territory is “From Another Angle” which again brings the warm chords and pads, but also brings to the table some really delicate synth lines to create a surreal effect

12inch Austere: Austere004 € 6,99