South London Ordnance

Sanctuary / Roofy

South London Ordnance - Sanctuary / Roofy

The constant carousel like shift of unreleased tracks on his Soundcloud and sporadic Twitter sessions, South London Ordnance relishes his clandestine, shady persona, keen to allow his craft to act as spokesman instead. Following early support from electronic music’s matriarch Mary Anne Hobbs, a marauding mixtape for Glasgow’s LuckyMe earlier this year and big support from Mosca, Hackman, Dark Sky and Tessela, the amount of hype surrounding this South London (obviously) based beatsmith has been ridiculous. And we’re very pleased to say this is his debut release, and a killer 12” to pop his recording cherry! Sanctuary hurtles along from the off: a tight key line precedes a subversive and deviously grimey sub line, powerfully cajoled by an off kilter horn and a banshee-like wailing vocal which drives the track along. The influences on this track constantly migrate between house, techno and garage, be it the ricochet snares, grime-esque basslines or swing that’s pervades every beat. This is very much his sound. This release’s artwork was curated by South London Ordnance himself, after finding Boya Latumahina’s Tumblr whilst browsing the internet. This very talented graphic designer, illustrator and photographer showcases a kaleidoscope of geometric shapes and psychedelic influences for this 12” artwork in all its Technicolor glory.

12inch 2nd drop records: 2NDRP12019 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L