Jon Convex ft. dBridge

Lied To Be Loved

Jon Convex ft. dBridge - Lied To Be Loved

First featured track here is Lied To Be Loved, featuring the ever building vocal talents of dBridge (last seen round these parts voicing Martyn’s These Words). Diamond tipped drum programming is met with a reprise of Convexations’ Moroder/Human Centipede bass, fashioned into something far more brooding & glowering here. dBridges vocal drapes it’s self over the rhythm section like a particularly unavoidable raincloud as keening synth washes and resigned harmonies build towards a disorientating tension that fragments before ever attempting to resolve. Zero snaps proceedings back into sharp clarity and Stay closes the EP, drawing a line under what’s come before with perhaps the most melodically refined piece of Convex material so far.

12inch 3024: 3024-018 remind