The Tortoise

The Puffing Tortoise

The Tortoise - The Puffing Tortoise

Fresh out of Melbourne’s reputed house scene, The Tortoise is one of the hottest talents to emerge from the current wave of house breaking down under. A Side “The Puffing Tortoise” captures the 21-year-old’s precocious talent and aims it squarely at the peak time. Working his trademark airy vocals around a familiar disco refrain and bubbling bass, he works the track into a sweaty climax and skilfully keeps it there throughout the midsection. Turning in a late night chugger on their remix, Berlin based Canadians The Mole and Hreno ride an insistent pulse and insect like percussion. Twisting the samples, they guide the track into a dark jungle of chattering sounds to temper The Tortoise’ youthful exuberance. The analogue melancholy of “Keep On Keepin on” is all in the sweeping synths and twinkling effects. Recoiling the tension, the Chicago influenced track seeps through the speakers and will sound as good at home as it will during specially chosen dancefloor moments. Rondenion approaches the title track with fearless disregard for the original, combining the swelling Tortoise sound with something entirely his own. His addition of a funk fuelled midsection, really breaks the track down and adds another slice of character to an EP already brimming with it.

12inch Third Strike Records: Strike10 € 8,99