Brian Grainger

Workingman's Drone Box Set

Brian Grainger - Workingman's Drone Box Set

After all twelve Workingman's Drone EPs were released, and the series drew to a close, Brian Granger set out to find or build the perfect box to hold the whole set. After some searching and work, Milieu Music has assembled a rustic lidded brown box with stickers that is priced for the working man. Now all 12 EPs (each containing a 20+ minute track on mini CD format) from the Workingman's Drone series are available in a beautiful box. Also, you will find an additional 13th CD-r called ''Lavender Billows'' which is an exclusive WD EP only available with this box set. So grab your headphones, sit back and enjoy this limited collectors set!

13xCD Box Set Milieu Music: MMWDBox remind