Mill-Due (The Galactic Funk Dj)

T.Mack - Mill-Due (The Galactic Funk Dj)

Slamming remastered reissue of über-rare Detroit electro gold ‘Mill-Due’ by T.Mack on tiny label Megas. Incredibly hard to come by, this underground 12” from 1985 oozes funk, soul, boogie and delicious groove with a huge slice of time-defying electro chic. With a super-squelchy analogue bassline, sexy guitar licks and killer beats, it is topped off with Detroit style space-age deep vocals which conjure images of early Juan Atkins productions - this record is a collector’s wet dream! An on-air favourite of The Electrifying Mojo, this is Motorcity electro at its very peak. Essential for fans of electro and techno alike! Do not miss out on this true holy grail of Detroit electro funk.

12inch Megas Production Co: CM001/ Megas remind