Slam Funk!

Strand - Slam Funk!

The Dutch Lowriders Collective present a mini album by Spanish producer Slam Funk!. This record is Strand's maiden voyage into funk sounds from the 70s and 80s with an un*conservative spirit. Slam Funk! is not a look back to the past but a vision of what today and the future could be like. Mixing up Old school funk vibes and instruments with modern sounds and vocoders. 8 tracks drenched in that computer funk we know of the Lowriders. This is what XLR8R magazine said about the release: \''Expect a suitably exuberant experience. Strandalicious fires ray after ray of molten-hot synthesizer licks throughout its three-minute run time, the melodies ricoheting around a pitch-shifting drum pattern that hovers above an oscillating bassline\''. Strand delivers a cool synthetic slice of funk.

LP Lowriders Recordings: Low011(ST002) remind