Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques


Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - Q1

Rare grooves from the tiny Quadriga sound library – an album that's split between European maestros Heinz Kiessling and Peter Jacques – but which is more than funky enough for two full records! Side one features great work from Kiessling – tunes that bubble along with a funky early 70s soundtrack style – sweet keyboards, tight horns, and rhythms that always get things moving, even when the arrangements are full and large – making for a great sound throughout, and one that will have you going way past the usual cop/crime modes. Peter Jacques follows up on side two, with sounds that are even groovier – work that's both funky and playful, with lots of cool twists and turns, odd vocal refrains, offbeat keyboards, and more! Kiessling cuts include \''Alleyway\'', \''Porterhouse\'', \''Creme De La Creme\'', \''Drift\'', \''Ornamente\'', and \''Russel Square\'' – and Jacques tracks include \''Cool Pants\'', \''Soul Food\'', \''Mayfair\'', \''Lovers\'', and \''You Are There\''.

LP Sonorama: SONOL68 € 19,99