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Various Artists - Langesthal

Meakusma is releasing a 12\'' compilation to coincide with their party in Eupen in September 2012. Four artists from the line up each deliver two tracks. Tase, linked to Atelier and Sex Tags Mania, delves deep with one ecstatic Industrial track that references weird Pop music and one slow, challenging and remorseless club track. Dreesvn, aka Dynamo Dresden and SVN, continue their by now famous eclectic production style with two dark, yet playful tunes that reference the darker end of the nineties Electro sound. Ssaliva, aka Cupp Cave, is a Belgian project that released a critically acclaimed mini-album in 2011. His two contributions are poppy and fun excursions into psychedelic dance music where melody, texture and rhythm always contradict and reinforce each other. Bepotel is a promising young band from Belgium, producing a hybrid between House, Ambient and Jazz. Their music is weirdly organic and wildly convincing. Artwork drawings by SVN.

12inch Meakusma: Mea008 € 8,99