Cruising Andromeda

Kaspar - Cruising Andromeda

Preceding a full length album on 4lux, Ka§par showcases his amazing talents on this second EP for 4lux. The Portuguese producer comes with some of the most interesting dance music around. Got Good Love is a tough Deep House groover that comes as both original and with a Nicholas remix. Cruising Andromeda is a futuristic techno tune for forward thinking deejay's. On Hyphen Ka§par slows down the pace and tosses in some 707 action: a crazy ride with rough synths and spaced out effects. Ka§par's releases have become rare and sought after, releasing little more than one 12\'' a year in the recent past... when one listens to the result, it only proves how great things take their time.

12inch 4lux: 4lux1205 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L