Peter Van Hoesen


Peter Van Hoesen - Perceiver

Peter Van Hoesen offers his second full length album following 2010's 'Entropic City'. Peter continues jis experiments into sound. The textural, shifting and dynamic synth elements, hooks and arpeggios that characterise the album's voice often reach into abstract zones.
Since 'Entropic City', Van Hoesen's role as a researcher into sound has expanded even further. As Sendai, alongside Yves De Mey, the pair released the celebrated 'Geotope' album in 2012. As a solo producer, he also continued his prolific output with releases and remixes on Time To Express, alongside other labels like Ostgut Ton, CLR, Hotflush and more.
Gently rhythmic pieces such as the album's opening voyage, 'Objects From The Past', or the reduced modular electronics of 'Spectral Participant' plant the tone of the earlier tracks firmly in the high-tech, experimental realms of modern electronica. Sourced from enough material to fill two albums, 'Perceiver' represents a huge body of work. With careful editing Peter arrived at a complete and concise album, spanning 60 minutes, exploring largely varied yet complementary fields of sound.
Throughout we are ushered on with the rewarding feeling of movement. Elements modulate, build and eventually recede (see the two-tiered 'Attribute 39'). 'Perceiver' presents an organic, flowing and modern take on techno - vitally alive, pulling us away from genre boundaries and more into the adventurous realms of electronica. To make a long story short... killer album!!

CD Time To Express: T2X022CD € 14,99
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