Juju & Jordash

Techno Primitivism

Juju & Jordash - Techno Primitivism

Second full album from the astonishingly talented JuJu & Jordash. This time crossing their more psych side (Golf Channel recordings) with their proto-everything electronics. How many more tricks do they have up their sleeves? Continuing their distinctive synthesis of spaced-out jazz un-standards, murky dub and hypnotic electronics, Juju & Jordash exploit the triple vinyl format to launch a mission bound for the innermost depths of their sound. It's obvious the writing and production have reached a new level in their exciting evolution. Now it’s time for the music to reach an audience beyond just techno and house. 'Techno Primitivism' is just beautiful music, period.

3x12inch Dekmantel: DKMNTL011 remind