Gotwax! no. 001

B-Trak - Gotwax! no. 001

The first Gotwax! release features label owner B-Trak with a two-track EP with dub-inspired analog sounding techno and house music that invites you on a journey between the dancefloor and pure listening pleasure. Infinity brings you to an ethereal space of subtly changing, reverberating chords substantiated down-low by a warm and heavy bass line combined with a tough bass drum that pushes you forcefully further towards an indefinite horizon. Driven by smooth pads, sizzling hihats and claps, yet minimalist all around. On the flipside, The Answer is a more raw production where chords meet each other in a short feedback loop and the bass line gives the underlying serious reply. Claps, hihats and a marvelous mind-bending pad – nothing more, nothing less – lock you into the groove with no possibility to escape.

12inch Gotwax!: GWX001 remind