Developer / NX1 / Adriana Lopez

Conducciones Ep

Developer / NX1 / Adriana Lopez  - Conducciones Ep

As his Modularz series continues unabated, Developer drafts in another two friends for some diverse techno excursions. The man himself kicks things off with the creepy and cavernous “The Ring For Madness”, using a menacing melodic loop to cycle over booming kicks and gaseous hits. NX1’s “MZ2” is a thoroughly strict affair, with a lonesome kick running to catch up with hats whispering in the far, far distance, in a similar fashion to the equally hard boiled minimalism of Developer’s “More Matter”. Adriana Lopez warms things up, relatively speaking, with a melodic chord that pulses like a lighthouse through the middle of an equally reverb drenched grey and stormy techno workout.

12inch Modularz: Modularz009 remind