Zoe Zoe

Church Ep

Zoe Zoe - Church Ep

Zoe Zoe opens the ep with the title track. Growing out of bold, backward looking rave kicks and plenty of nicely textured synth chords and scraping percussion, the thing suddenly breaks down to the sweetest and most introverted of melodic breakdowns before kicking off like a mule once again. On the B1, ‘Hollow’ is just that – big open spaces get filled with shuffling garage drums and perc, dissolving acid basslines and a thick church ambiance that makes the whole thing sound like some faint and distant memory. It’s cerebral stuff that also packs a physical punch. Final track ‘October’ is another raw, explosive track made of rusty synth lines and knackered drums. Its charges along like glitchy techno but some warm Detroit pads bring a subdued house vibe to the arrangement that results in a most compelling stylistic duality – fresh fresh sounds, for sure.

12inch Sneaker Social Club: SNKR003 € 4,99