PianoBatacazoo ep

Astroboyz - PianoBatacazoo ep

PianoBatacaZoo provides us his most powerful set up ever: vibrations and Deep- House oriented strokes charged with baroque sensuality, decorating and presenting himself extra sensitive through solid percussion lines that come from UK-Funky, counteracting with elegant shines of real instruments. MNGC, a more minimal cut built from an explicit mutant bass line that works as the spine that receives new tools through the playing of the tune: dry falterings, bipolar personality that makes his own the mysticism of the original Dubstep or the synth motifs connected with the intensity of the Deep Techno. Jimmy Edgar adds a virtuous, erotic and visceral layers of manicure to PianoBatacaZoo, charging the record with positive electrons and amplifying his profile of influential collage. Limited pressing handnumbered copies!

12inch Struments: Struments001 € 8,49