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The 2 Bears

One Love Sampler

cover: The 2 Bears - One Love Sampler

This 12 inch sampler, limited to 400 copies, compiles four of the juiciest, most succulent cuts from the album; aiming to impart a taste of this thrill a minute ride through the minds of Londons hairiest producer/DJ duo! The A-side sees two undisputed classics rubbing shoulders in Mood II Swings Club remix of Kim English Learn 2 Luv and the wonderfully eccentric Pepe Bradock remix of Iz & Diz Mouth(unreleased #1 is the version). The flips takes a less nostalgic approach with HMDs remix of To Ardent by Black Devil Disco Club - featuring none other than Nancy Sinatra - up first. Understated and slightly spooky, its one of the few forays The 2 Bears make into disco on the album and a worthy addition to any crate. Last is a X-Press 2 remix of an album track The 2 Bears had hanging back. A groovy cut with a slightly acidic edge, it is as yet previously unreleased so just had to be committed to this vinyl.

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vinyl 12inch ITH TBOL01 not available remind