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Martin Landsky

1000 Miles (Laurent Garnier, Geeeman Remixes)

cover: Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles (Laurent Garnier, Geeeman Remixes)

Martin Landsky’s 1000 Miles originally released in 2006, rightfully takes the stage in the second instalment, receiving blistering remixes from two true masters. Laurent Garnier brings his trademark, tough and epic sound to the forefront here. Pushing 1000 Miles into yet more mind-bending shapes, the Frenchman injects the original with a new sense of urgency. Welding a fractured synth melody around Landsky’s big room hook, the results are a pure techno moment. Holland’s Gerd, responsible for some recent incendiary dancefloor burners of his own, also drops another bomb here. Under his Geeeman persona, Gerd, twists 1000 Miles into a trippy, euphoric monster

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