MOTUS / Shadow Kick

Kommune1 - MOTUS / Shadow Kick

The debut release from “Kommune1”. Big techno stompers!! The A-side track “MOTUS” displays the ethics of both Berghain thumping4/4 rhythms, complete with big builds, subtle dynamic changes and a drop that would never cease to throw any listener into a frenzy of inexplicable groove and motion. A nod to the early days of Detroit Techno and Chicago House is also remnant in the track, with its heavy bass-loops, and restrained vocal phrases. B-side “Shadowkick” follows in a similar stylistic notion as the previous track. With the main aim being the destruction of the dancefloor still, “Shadowkick” is another big Techno-House track, emphasising on the power of the bassline and a hard rhythm. Subtle dub-like-chords, crisp percussion, and dynamic alterations all combine to act as a perfect DJ tool. The breakdown section of the track is enough to see a floor of “Hands in the air” before all hell seemingly breaks loose when the rhythms punches back into the main emphasis of the track.

10inch Magic Wire: Magic005 € 8,99