Kettel & Secede

When Can

Kettel & Secede - When Can

When Can is the new album by Kettel and Secede, a collaboration that has been anticipated by fans of both artists for a long time. When Can also marks the return of the Sending Orbs record label after two years of absence.  As early as 2005 Kettel and Secede hatched plans to produce a full-length collab. The two friends have been working together, on and off, to grow a style and craft an album that wouldn’t be just a merger or an addition, but that would render a genuine novelty. This year they delivered. When Can is a treasure. Genreless and unique on all counts. Based on composition and ideas, not on form or hype. The eleven tracks are hauntingly diverse, yet each track seamlessly blends into one whole. Explore it. When Can will surprise.

CD Sending Orbs: SO013cd(del) remind