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Genius Of Time

Tuffa Trummor

cover: Genius Of Time - Tuffa Trummor

Genius of Time are back after a great year with ''Houston, We Have A Problem'' on Royal Oak, ''Gliese 581g'' on Aniara, several excellent remixes and extensive touring with their unique, all-hardware live set that spans 30 years of music technology in one show. This release features two of the highlights from their current set: A-side ''Tuffa Trummor Med Synt'' is a New Jersey House bomb for the year 2012, whereas ''Tuffa Trummor Med Rst'' on the flip follows up last years ''Science Fiction'' with an off the hook beat, expertly processed vocals and a strings breakdown reminiscent of that mid-90's inner city vibe. Artwork by Jeffrey Meyers.. Essential!

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