Sofie Loizou

Aphoria Horizonte

Sofie Loizou - Aphoria Horizonte

Beautifully packaged with full colour artwork, Radical Nature records presents the latest limited edition 10 inch vinyl release by Sofie Loizou (remember her collaboration with Bvdub and her synthwork on Theo Parrish's 'Chemistry'). Aphoria Horizonte is a sublime duet of two tracks. Track A, Saturday Night Blues, evokes the subtle hues emanating from the shadows of a lost weekend. Track B, Aphoria Horizonte, is a psychedelic mantra creating a multi dimensional sound world from enticing organic sounds and curious samples. The EP is drenched in the rich overtones of dusty old synths and warm bass. Perfect post-rave listening. Free download code included.

10inch + Download Southern Outpost Special Projects: RNV002 € 7,99