Unthank 004

Inkswel - Unthank 004

Opener 'Do It' is how it's done: atomic funk which has been split, stretched and closely inspected, then reassembled to create a dancefloor chain reaction. The funk particles then pass through the Americas and pick up the one and only Chico Mann. A man known for his like minded awareness of, and abilities with, the worldwide ways of the electric boogaloo, he adds his abstract Afro Cuban theories to 'Tu Machito'. Next, it's a sharp turn eastwards to the old countries, whilst riding the waves of 'LFO Bounce'. UK's Funkineven, another kindred spirit in the search for man made machine soul, provides further refinement to the initial wave hypothesis, resulting in a glimpse of the elusive dark matter that is often talked about, but rarely seen or heard. This unique meeting of some of contemporary beat science's finest minds has been made possible thanks to the benevolent funding of the UNiversal THought ANd Knowledge foundation, otherwise known as UNTHANK

10inch Firecracker: Unthank004 € 10,99
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