Twilight Ritual


Twilight Ritual - Rituals

The Rituals album is one of the best kept secrets of the synthpop/coldwave movement. Sinister, Dark and a bunch of touching melodies. Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens had already been playing for a few years in other projects such as Autumn, Linear Movement and A Split Second and in 1986 they managed to create this amazing album. Highlights on the album include I Never Called You A Dream, Rooms, Amorphous Materials and.. well every other track. When the LP was originally released by some awkward mistake the artwork was printed in reverse (black became white and white became black). The artwork is now restored to its original form, how it was intended to be. Originally recorded at Studio Attne between 1982-1985. Engineered, produced by Peter Bonn, remastered by Anders Peterson

LP OnderStroom: OS017 remind