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cover: SEAS - SEAS 2

After years of work, deliberation, planning, rumors and anticipation, SEAS 2 is finally released. The longtime collaborative duo of David Tagg and Brian Grainger have worked since 2008 to generate what they consider a perfect union of dub, ambient and techno-influenced electronic music and ''assembled landscapes'' (field recordings, white noise, textural overlays). SEAS 2 is a full 80 minute album, containing eight new works that glimmer and sway under humid heat and rainfall at the end of a long sunny Summer. Following up 2009's SEAS, which was filled with arctic blues and icy cool air, SEAS 2 is an appropriate counterpoint to the elemental techno that Brian and David have strived to create since the project's inception. This is a second edition pressing, designed to match the reissue of the first SEAS album. Runtime: 76:39. Limited edition of 100 copies in recycled cardboard sleeves with solid green cover sticker and printed disc.

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