Brown Biscuits / Machines

Phoreski - Brown Biscuits / Machines

Big Italo/cosmic disco tracks from Phoreski!! We've not heard much from Phoreski for a little while, but you will soon hear why when you put the needle to the record on these two new tracks. He's been busily building up his studio into an enviable aladdin's den of vintage kit, wires and analogue recording equipment. All synths and vocals you hear on these tracks come from Phoreski, no samples, no guests, no edits. He's been hinting at this raw, analogue authentic sound for a while, but these tracks showcase a producer at one with the machines. 'Brown Biscuits' comes across like some lost Italo/cosmic gem, but via the North East of England rather than the lakes of Italy. 'Machines' flexes tight proto-house rhythms with some bass that will make mince meat of lesser club soundsystems whilst the feuding synth lines fight for attention. This is proper body music, play loud!

12inch Redux: Redux019 remind