The Dove Ultimatum

Durant - The Dove Ultimatum

Vae Victis can't hide their love and passion for raw house and techno. On this 5th release there is another fine selection of hybrids between styles perfectly expressing their love for genre bending music. Durant exsists out of a small collective of producers with main roles for Steve Murphy, Die Roh and Lucretio. The Dove Ultimatum, a 4 tracks ep of punchy analogue electronic music! On the a-side lay General Motors and At Ten, 2 broken beat electro techno tracks a la Drexciya showing the hardest and most experimental side of the project. While on the flip the trio bring things on a housier field, though staying loyal to the a-side vibe by delivering 2 dark and obsessive raw house tracks.

12inch Vae Victis Records: VVR005 € 8,49