Lost Weight

Sticky Twitch / Positive Neglect

Lost Weight - Sticky Twitch / Positive Neglect

In Sticky Twitch, a stepped beat comes together from jumpy pieces, augmented by a shifty bass guitar. Three hi-hat riffs commingle to add a tangy flavour. Those who have previewed the track have described it with terms like digital dancehall, grime, brusque and cinematic. The rhythm was built on a crafty demo by Hitchin's own Straightman. In Positive Neglect, contact-mic'd concrete sounds lose their anecdotal nature through repetition inside the confines of a 4/4 grid. The track has been described as industrial-tinged techno, facile and ''organically rigid''. All copies include the digital release with additional bonus versions.

7inch + Download Half A Map Recordings: MAPREF002 € 3,99