Junior Electronic


Junior Electronic - Musostics

Junior Electronics is the solo work of musician and sound engineer Joe Watson. Joe has played keyboards with Stereolab since 2004 and engineered their last three albums. He has also worked with The High Llamas, Monade, Mary Hampton, John Cunningham and others. He runs the studio flipflop in his hometown Brighton, UK. Musostics is the 2nd album by Junior Electronics and iS a collection of musical mesostics. The typographic layout of the lyrics and song titles is a structuring principle. The computer is used as a tape machine i.e. large scale splicing of songs is possible but editing individual rhythmic events is not. All instruments are analogue as is all mixing and processing. With contibutions from Mary Hampton & Isidore Guild (vocals), Grant Allardyce (drums), Alan Hay (lyrics), Emilie Essel (artwork and Critical listening).

LP Bureau B: BB099 € 19,99