Lloyd Cole / Hans Joachim Roedelius

Selected Studies Vol.1

Lloyd Cole / Hans Joachim Roedelius  - Selected Studies Vol.1

How curious it is that this collaboration should come about so late in the day and how marvellous that it transpired at all. Lloyd Cole, this most ingenious of British singer-songwriters, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, a patriarch of German electronic music, did not actually meet in the studio, choosing instead a mode of material exchange more in keeping with the age, sending files across the ether for the other to complement. However paradoxical it may sound, ''Selected Studies Vol. 1'' is reminiscent of the music of Claude Debussy, if electronic instrumentation had been available to him 120 years earlier. Highly impressionistic images flicker around the listener, airy, transparent, lost in time, each its own window on a bright, yet mysterious world. Far removed from kitsch, ambient and feel-good music, ''Selected Studies Vol. 1'' demands to be listened to attentively if the serious artistic expression of these two musicians / composers is to be appreciated fully. This opens up the albums beauty and depth. Cole and Roedelius seek to present fantastic, aural topographies in opposition to the dullness of the real world, inviting us to enter a friendly labyrinth of constant surprise, a place one can still leave at any time, without fear of getting hopelessly lost.

2LP+CD Bureau B: BB124 € 21,99