O Samuli A

Total Power Nap

O Samuli A - Total Power Nap

Power Nap Productions of Helsinki, Finland are proud to release the last part of O Samuli A’s Green Label Series trilogy. Containing “Pamplona Larp”, a minimalistic four-on-the-floor track that squeaks and purrs like a litter of battery powered robot kittens. The B side kicks off with “Terse”, a phlegmatically funky acid track. The EP closes with “Nya Vindar”: think of a herd of 8-bit arpeggiators having too many Vodka Red Bulls, getting entangled in a drunken singing contest going nowhere, and finally passing out. This miniature Koyaanisqatsi is pretty epic for a 2 minute tune.

7inch Power Nap Productions: PERNA003 remind