Electric Street Orchestra

The Natives Ep

Electric Street Orchestra - The Natives Ep

This is a journey led by Jeedo's Electric Street Orchestra to his native land, Detroit City. The Natives: It was created in direct defense to the assault on Detroit City. The uprooting of it's original citizens is fastly becoming the norm, as the population has plunged by 25 percent over the last decade. The Natives is meant to celebrate all the pioneers,revolutionaries, Moms and Pops that somehow get last in the media's coverage of newly imported ''do gooders''. We celebrate those who have continuously fought to defend the honor and dignity of this great city. Serpents: According the Bible's Book of Genesis, the serpent is a symbol of evil who appears in the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve. The serpent is portrayed as a deceptive creature or trickster with ill intent. We've all encountered numerous snakes in life, however this metaphor can also be applied to the cities ongoing issue of land-grabbing by numerous corporations with empty promises to build farms. Reconstruct: This is the quiet after the storm, cleansing the palette for rebirth. A new beginning, one with hope and great promise. It was used as a sonic bed for the theatrical trailer of the award winning documentary ''Detropia''. Once again Waajeed AKA Jeedo has assembled a cast of sonic masters under one of his many monikers, Electric Street Orchestra. Including UR's Mad Mike, DJ Skurge, Ray 7 and newcomers Tiny Hearts.

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