Madteo - Strumptocrazy

Madteo constructs a distinctive sound world that throws a very strange light on dance music. Laissez-Faire Couture instantly transports you to bizarre realms: Its off-kilter, midtempo funky beats haloed in swirling, celestial synth drones and angelic female swoons glow in stark contrast with strident Roland 303 twangs and unsettling, growling bass frequencies. It’s as if a romantic tryst were happening in an alternate-world auto factory. Hazily reminiscent of illbient and abstract trip-hop, Laissez-Faire Couture is an oblong oddity that exists in its own unique sphere. Mr. Gecko is a steely-eyed shuffle with corrugated, slate-gray synth vapor arcing in the distance and a loop of someone saying the title in a tremulous voice. It’s so evocative, you want to base a crime-thriller movie around it. The We Doubt comes with a DJ Sotofett & Dresv remixes!

12inch Nuearth Kitchen: Nek07 € 9,99