Len Faki

Dj Edits Vol 2 (Mikael Jonasson / JPLS)

Len Faki  - Dj Edits Vol 2 (Mikael Jonasson / JPLS)

Len Faki, returns with Volume 2 in his 'DJ-Edits' series, featuring 2 intense reworkings of JPLS and Mikael Jonasson. Having already released Volume 1 in 2012, with two bass-heavy edits of classic DJ Hyperactive material, Faki expands the series further, choosing two more tracks from his personal archive of special edits made for his DJ sets. Volume 2 kicks off with a freakish re-interpretation of Minus artist JPLS' 'Program 1'. Opening with a wonderfully disorientating electronic signal, a serious kick picks out the skipping rhythm, characterised by swinging triplets and tripping, tonal percussion. Building with drama, it's a futuristic electronic battle weapon for 2013.

12inch Figure: Figure045 remind