Blood Music

Blood Music EP

Blood Music - Blood Music EP

Pomery is the project’s creative lead and only ever-present member. In its live 2013 guise he is joined by Jordan Cunningham, who mans the bass and a table of DIY electronics, and Kenichi Iwasa, who hammers out taiko rhythms himself and, when he has a hand free, sets the course for the drum machine that propels the music forwards. For Blood Music EP though, Pomery performed everything himself. The result is a 12” of brute physical force, with guitars reminiscent of 'Confusion Is Sex' era Sonic Youth and the ‘Guitar Orchestras’ of Branca and Chatham. The propeller pulse of machines recalls the percussive drive of Marty Rev, and the drumming echoes the phasing patterns of Steve Reich, but beyond that, this music stands alone as something distinct — something visceral, violent and, above all, uncompromising.

12inch Diagonal: DIAG003 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L