The Sundowner

To Live And Die In NJ

The Sundowner - To Live And Die In NJ

The idea for The Sundowner sessions came about when Mike Simonetti found an old Tascam cassette 4-track recorder at a garage sale in Maplewood New Jersey a few months ago. He went home and recorded some songs over a few extended sessions in his living room with headphones while his daughter napped upstairs. Taking influence from early Belgian trance and the DIY noise and power electronics records Simonetti released on his old label Troubleman- the idea was to capture a moment in time and document it, and never revisit it again. Projects like this is why New Jersey exists as a label. Respect to Come Org, United Dairies, Steinklang, American Tapes, Transmat, Hospital Prod, and Tesco.

12inch New Jersey: NJ007 € 9,99