Beach Mode [Keep It Simple]

Ikonika  - Beach Mode [Keep It Simple]

‘Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)’ is the perfect snapshot of Ikonika's new album 'Aerotropolis'. It's also her first vocal track, graced with the voice of “One To Watch”, Jessy Lanza. ‘Beach Mode’ combines sunny salsa-like chords and claves, inspired by latin freestyle dance music from the ‘80s, with Jessy's vocals cutting in over some soaring rough synths. It's a refreshingly straight forward and sensual piece of pop dance. Side B starts with a dub mix for all the vocal haters, while the ‘Percapella’ version breaks it down into a syncopated drum track and a slightly dubbed take on the vocals, giving it a tracky and colder toughness reminiscent of early Chicago house music.

12inch Hyperdub: HDB074 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L