Julien Mier

Jane's Junkyard

Julien Mier - Jane's Junkyard

Imagine a place where tattered bits of unmusical ingredients are cast aside and forgotten. Where the rough and ugly pieces of sound are tossed and left to decompose. It's the very place where Dutch sound designer Julien Mier spends his days sifting through the rubble to reclaim broken sounds and save them from their demise. Julien utilizes the unique characteristics of each sound, arranging them together, creating exciting new environments overflowing with both beauty and emotion. Welcome to Jane's Junkyard. Lowriders latest album features five original compositions from Julien Mier, one [memotone adaption just for the digital release] and two additional remixes from Trian Kayhatu and Robot Koch.

EP Lowriders Recordings: Low014 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L