5ive Ximes of Dust

The Dadacomputer

5ive Ximes of Dust - The Dadacomputer

A classic, highly sought-after and influencial experimental electronic and acoustic tape from 1981, finally released as a deluxe vinyl LP in extended form with an additional LP to round-up this perfect release - Solo-Works and three more 5ive Ximes of Dust instrumentals by the two genius synth-and-cassette-culture-protagonists and musicians of Dada Computer; Mark Philips, who also ran the Tape-Label MAP-Tapes and Robert Lawrence who ran one of the first Cassette-culture Tape-Labels called Quick Stab Music Products and releasing more than 20 Tapes between 1979 and 1983 for solo and band-projects and like Broken Pipes Exposed or Machines at Last ((Robert Lawrence and Paul Shorthouse), Dean Poole or the better known and highly sought after works by 5ive Ximes of Dust (Robert Larence and Mark Philips), Ludus and the Dada Computer. Hand numbered edition of 500 copies.

2LP VOD records: VOD115.05/06 remind