Emily Faryna

Tape Works 1984-1990

Emily Faryna - Tape Works 1984-1990

Emily Faryna is a Canadian artist and singer known so far only by real fans of Minimal/Synth-related Wave-music and cassette-culture collectors. By 1984, she was working under the MoDaMu Records label out of British Columbia in Canada. Her debut album, I’ve Got a Steel Bar in My Head, was released that year. A sophomore offering followed in 1985 titled Neat and Tidy in Your Mind (MoDaMu15) and 5 years later a third Tape called Return of the Repressed was released. Now, almost 3 decades after her musical career started, Emily Faryna finally recieves the appreciation she deserves with a superb 2Lp-Set which combines all the tracks from those 3 original Tapes. Hand numbered edition of 500 copies.

2LP VOD records: VOD115.08/09 € 29,99