Seefeel - Quique

Modern Classics Records imprint, in association with Medical Records, is marking the 20th anniversary of a unique record - Seefeel's Quique. The London quartet's debut album (pronounced 'keek') is a dreamy confluence of dub, abstract electronic music and minimalist composition techniques, and remains a touchstone record in the ambient and shoegaze movements. Quique first oscillated into the world in July 1993 via UK label Too Pure, joining the dots between Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and Aphex Twin. Reissued on double vinyl in an expanded gatefold sleeve, now is the time to revisit this immersive record - or get lost in it for the first time. First time vinyl reissue. 1,000 random copies pressed from first pressing (2,000) on blue wax. Double-LP release housed in expanded gatefold tip-on jacket. Liner notes by Dave Segal interviewing original band members.

2LP Medical Records: MR-021/MCR906 remind