Walton - Beyond

One of Hyperdub's yungest, brightest talents steps up with a highly accomplished debut album weaving between house, garage and grime with a lean R&B swerve. The acclaimed label has incubated the Manchester-based producer since his first steps with an eponymous debut and follow-up, 'All Night EP', whilst slotting in with extended fam, Keysound's roster of 130bpm rollers including Wen, Samrai, Beneath and co. 'Beyond' is a maturation of his steadily distinguished sound, defined by a full-rounded feel for engaging arrangement and effervescent production, cohesively switching style and pattern and showing a canny knack for hooky sample placement. Across thirteen tracks he strides from digitally-dusted US garage hinting at Chez Damier or Todd Edwards on 'Need To Feel', to more rugged UK styles with the acid-chewed flex of 'Help Me Out', the skeletal bounce and nagging rave licks of 'Memories' or the Zomby-esque 'Frisbee', thru to footwork-aware percolations in the glossy midnight black of 'Can't U See' or the future soul burner 'Love On The Dancefloor' sharing a blue soul glow with the ''dancing with my clothes off'' groover, 'Every Night' and the humid, late night swagger of 'Amazon'. We reckon this one's got gallons in the tank.

2LP Hyperdub: HDBlp017 remind